Discipleship Cheat Sheet

Discipleship Cheat Sheet

Discipleship Leader’s Cheat Sheet

Reminders: Your job is not to have all the answers; your job is to keep the conversation moving. The times bellow are recommendations.  If someone is pouring their heart out, don’t feel like you need to shut them up!

Small Talk: (0:00) – Help the team to relax and bond.

Prayer: (0:10) – Ask God to bless this time.

Scripture Memory: (0:11) – Take turns reciting the verse for the week.

Bible Discussion: (0:15) – The four questions are useful to start a conversation about this week’s readings, but don’t afraid to explore Bible-based rabbit trails if people are excited.

  • What was interesting or exciting about this week’s readings?
  • What was difficult of confusing about this week’s readings?
  • What do the readings teach us about people?
  • What do the readings teach us about God?

Accountability: (1:10) – the focus is not to shame each other’s failings, but to encourage each other to deeper maturity and Christlike living.  Ask one question to the group.

Possible Questions:

  • What are you doing to enjoy life?
  • What new stressors are entering your life?
  • Who or what is getting too much “airtime” in your thought life right now?
  • What are you passionate about in the coming weeks, months or year? How is it going?


  • Have you been daily studying God’s Word and praying?
  • Has God felt more like a cop-detective or a Savior-Father to you recently?
  • How have you been tempted this week, and what have you done about it?
  • Have you done anything this week that would dishonor your God or your spouse?
  • Is there a question you’ll afraid someone will ask you? Why is that intimidating?

The top questions are more light-hearted; the bottom is heavier.  Make sure your group is getting a healthy mix of both.

Group Prayer: (1:20) – Take turns sharing requests and praying for each other.