Discovery Class

Discovery Class

Second and Fourth Wednesdays of the month during the school year: 7:00-8:30 pm

Purpose: The Discovery Class develops key skills for a thriving faith in changing times.

Method: Each week we tackle a different topic that is relevant to living out your faith in your daily life. Between meetings participants will study a subtopic of the next discussion. When we gather, participants will share what they learned and ask remaining questions.

Week One: Why are we meeting?

Week Two: How do I share my faith?

Week Three: Why can I trust the Bible?

Week Four: How do I spot false churches?

Week Five: How do I live as a Disciple-maker?

Week Six: I sinned; now what?

Week Seven: What is “Reformed”?

Week Eight: Why do you baptize babies? / Who can take the Lord’s Supper?

Week Nine: What does the Bible teach about science?

Week Ten: What does the Bible say about gender?

Week Eleven: Is sex good?

Week Twelve: Why is the Gospel incompatible with Marxism?

Week Thirteen: Why is church important?

Week Fourteen: How should I use my money?